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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Serter & Özlü Law Firm Enforcement and Bankruptcy  In the field of law, in the execution proceedings for the collection of receivables, all debtor's  It conducts extensive research to determine the rights and receivables of movables, real estate and third parties. Services in this field, creditor/debtor and  enforcement courts and general courts for the settlement of disputes between third parties  It also covers litigation works in the courts.


Enforcement and Bankruptcy  Our services in the field of law  some of them are:

  • Follow-up of receivables related to negotiable instruments through execution and bankruptcy

  • Investigation of the debtor's assets, lien application,  conversion of seized goods into money, distribution of money, objection to the order table

  • Obtaining a precautionary lien decision from the court, applying this decision

  • Remuneration litigation, other enforcement civil litigation

  • Sale of seized or pledged movable or real estate

  • Bankruptcy and postponement of bankruptcy cases

  • Drafting a bankruptcy plan during the preparation and acceptance stages of the bankruptcy process

  • Obtaining bankruptcy decision from commercial courts

  • Enforcement criminal cases

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