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Corporate Law

Serter & Özlü Law Firm Companies  In the field of law, it provides legal support to individual entrepreneurs, financial institutions and companies. wanting to invest  Provides legal consultancy services to companies. When deemed necessary, the company provides representation services at every stage of its investments, starting from the establishment of the company, throughout the company's existence.

Our services in the field of Company Law  some of them are:

  • Capital  increases/discounts

  • Capital market  consultancy within the scope of the legislation

  • unfair competition  prevention, consultancy within the scope of consumer legislation

  • Establishment of liaison offices

  • stocks and  transactions related to bonds

  • Legal status  detection reporting (Due Diligence)

  • Consumer Protection Law

  • Merger, Acquisition, Split

  • Joint Ventures

  • Capital Increase and Decrease

  • Company purchases and sales

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