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Criminal law

Serter & Özlü Law Firm provides all kinds of attorneyship and consultancy services to its clients in the field of Criminal Law, starting from the investigation phase. It provides consultancy services regarding all business and transactions that have the risk of criminal sanctions, from the investigation and pre-trial stage to the execution of investigations and lawsuits and the execution phase.

Our services in the field of Criminal Law  some of them are:

  • Arrangement of the complaint petition and its annexes

  • Advocacy service as a lawyer or attorney in criminal cases

  • Consultancy service in cases of taking statements, search and seizure

  • Applying to legal remedies when deemed appropriate against the decisions made by the court

  • Follow-up of the file during the criminal complaint and investigation phase

  • Follow-up of cases at the Appeal and Appeal stage

  • Individual application to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights

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