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Business law

In the field of Labor Law, Serter & Özlü Law Firm ensures that the procedures and legal regulations of the problems experienced from the beginning of the personalized employment process until the end, and supports the reorganization of the client's practice in order to comply with the legislation when deemed necessary.


Our services in the field of Labor Law  some of them are:

  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts

  • Reasons for dismissal and termination in the employment contract

  • Follow-up of cases regarding severance, notice and labor claims and compensation claims

  • Follow-up of reemployment cases

  • Management of processes regarding mediation negotiations

  • Follow-up of cases related to work accidents or occupational diseases,

  • Opening and follow-up of insurance service determination cases

  • Consultancy on practice, case law, laws and regulations

  • Establishing measures regarding work, worker and workplace safety and providing legal consultancy services

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