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Consumer Law

In the field of Consumer Law, Serter & Özlü Law Firm provides consultancy services to consumers, vendors and providers regarding disputes that may arise from consumer law. Consumer Protection Law, Code of Obligations, Commercial Code in all sectors  etc. It provides services in the resolution of the issues falling within the scope of the relevant regulations, the disputed issues seen in the Consumer Arbitration Committee and the Consumer Courts.

Our services in the field of Consumer Law  some of them are:

  • Legal support, consultancy and advocacy service for consumer problems related to real estate and securities purchase and sale

  • Consultancy and advocacy service on legal disputes arising from defective goods and services

  • Managing mediation negotiations

  • Advocacy services and disputes in Consumer Courts and Consumer Arbitration Committees

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Keeping up-to-date of all legislation in the field of consumer law

  • To produce legal solutions against consumer complaints

  • Settlement negotiations between the seller and the buyer, the connection of the protocol

  • Resolution of disputes in Consumer and Commercial Courts

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